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Mature and informed citizens of the world need a tool, to start true direct/liquid democracies as an alternative, to existing political systems (which are called democracies, but mostly are not). Existing political systems optimized for a  preservation of power need more competition to force reforms. This competition can be created by democratic self organization of the people.


Issues today:

  • Currently available “democracy tools” are engines for coordinated wishfull thinking or systemic consensing – but they all lack the ability, to translate the democratically achieved consensus into real world action.
  • Current political systems tagged (optimistically) as democracies are in reality mostly “Lobbycratic Bureaucrannies” – tyrannies by bureaucracy controlled by lobbies



  • Provide a tool for democratic self organization for groups to create competition for the service “governance”
  • Provide a tool with secure and safe transactions (en par with e.g. online banking applications)
  • Provide a link to real-world application of democratic consensus through management of necessary economic transactions
  • Build up a non profit organization to provide this tool to citizens around the world
  • Strictly non profit: no advertisement, no transfer of user data / site statistics to third parties – your data and your transactions are your property and you control, what happens with it (development and operations crowd-funded by users / sponsors)

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I4U-Logo-longchain_sIn a nutshell: what is

  • an attempt to establish a free market alternative/competition to current territorial monopolist states (which may be calling themselves democracies, but mostly are not)
  • a platform to form “Independencies” = communities of compatible people, who want to jointly source “state” services
  • a direct/liquid (=true) democratic alternative to the most common form of government, the  “Lobbycratic Bureaucrannies” (the Tyranny by Bureaucracy, controlled by Lobbies, Banksters, etc.)
  • an honest attempt to organize ourselves, following the priciples of freedom and equality (which the United Nations Resolution for Human Rights entitles us to to)